Job Corps Center

400 Harmony Rd| Crystal Springs, MS 39059| 601.892.3348| E-mail: [email protected]


The Mississippi Job Corps Center, managed by Career Systems Development Corporation (CSD), is located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.  The center is equipped to house approximately 200 residential males and 150 residential females in our two dormitories.

At the Mississippi Job Corps Center, we know every student can succeed when given the right environment and support. We support the Job Corps program’s mission to teach eligible young people the skills they need to become employable and independent and place them in meaningful jobs or further education.

We offer Certified Nurse Assistant, Welding, Electrical, Facilities Maintenance, Carpentry, Office Administration, Security & Protective Services for Career Technical Training.   Mississippi Job Corps Center also provides academic training, including basic reading and math. Courses in independent living, employability skills, and career success skills are offered to help students transition into the workplace. We also have several academic programs to help our students achieve their full potential.

Career Technical Training

In addition to academic training, Mississippi Job Corps provides career technical training in the following vocational trades:

  • Nursing
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • Facilities Mangement
  • Carpentry
  • Office Administration
  • Security & Protective Services

Employer Partnerships

The Penobscot Job Corps Academy has a long and trusted history with all of our valued Employer Partners. Without the help of the employers who hire our Penobscot Job Corps students, we wouldn’t be able to continue the training, growth and positive outcomes we experience today. Thanks to all of our Employer Partners and we look forward to many more years of committed relationships.

If you’re interested in establishing a valued Employer Partnership with the Penobscot Job Corps Center please contact us below.